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Naked 100 E-juice, manufactured by Schwartz E-Liquids, delivers exciting and new e liquid flavors from across the spectrum. Whether you prefer a fruity smooth e-juice vape, a cool menthol flavor or a classic Tobacco E-juice, Naked 100 E juice has a new flavor for you. Indulge on delicious candy e-juice and natural fruit flavors like Lava Flow, Amazing Mango, Green Blast or Hawaiian POG. For a smooth menthol E-liquid, Naked 100 offers popular fruity smooth flavors blended with a minty menthol like Very Cool, Very Berry and Frostbite. Naked E-liquid’s latest collection is a tobacco liquid line with different tobacco e juice flavors like the Euro Gold, a lite cigarette flavor, Cuban Blend a cigar flavor and American Cowboy for the classic flavor of a red pack of cigarettes. All three premium lines are handcrafted to perfection.

The Team at Naked 100 has just released their latest liquid juice line and its just in time for summer…. Naked 100 CreamFlavors!!

Naked100 is known for its fruit flavors and they have truly mastered the craft. With the latest Cream’s e-juice line, Naked 100 blends fruits like the exotic Azul Berries E-juice its a Blueberry and Raspberry Cream Flavor , Go Nanas Ejuice its a Banana Cream flavor and Naked Unicorn E-juice its a fresh strawberries with the most delicious velvety vanilla cream base resulting in heavenly flavors like no other.

All Naked100 E-juice flavors & vape juice are available in 60ml bottles in 0, 3, 6, and 12mg.